Night in Horror Wood by Maggie Sager

Chapter 1 – Halloween Plans

Sound asleep was a nine-year-old girl. She thought she was going to have a good day but little did she know, it was going to be a very scary night.

That day was Halloween. She thought she was going trick or treating but her friends had other plans for her. Alexis (the nine- year-old girl) had invited all of their friends over to work on costumes and they dared her to spend a night in Horror Wood. Alexis asked, “What is Horror Wood?”

Her friends replied “A haunted house, filled with monsters and goons. And you have to spend a night there. ALONE!”

Alexis started packing and told her parents she was going to a haunted house and she’d be back by morning. That night she went to the haunted house. She met a black cat. The cat actually said “Hello. I’m Paws. Would you like to be my friend?”

Alexis said “Sure, but how can you talk?”

Paws answered, “I have no idea.” Alexis told him all about how her friends made her stay the night in the haunted house. They talked and talked and talked and became very good friends. They walked into the haunted house, but something was strange. It wasn’t scary, it was actually kind of fun. There was a bouncy castle and a ball pit. But all of the real monsters were hiding in the corners. Paw explained that there was a clown in charge and he made all of the monsters hide away so he could have fun and play. In the mummy’s room he put shredders, in the vampire’s room he put garlic and sun lamps, and in Frankenstein’s room he put candles and fire places. It was terrible. All of the monsters were sad and lonely.

Alexis knew it was up to her to save the monsters! She was determined to give the monsters their homes back. She stormed in to the clown. The clown offered her a seat. Vvvvvvvvvvv! There it was, a whoopie cushion! Alexis was very angry at that clown! The clown ignored the noise and said “My name is Tickles. What’s yours?”

“Alexis,” she said. “I want you to give this haunted house back to the monsters!” Tickles pushed her out of the room. Alexis was madder than the Mad Hatter!

“Buh bye!” said Tickles, loud enough so that Alexis could hear, because she was half way down the hall. She took all the monsters outside and told them her plan. They grabbed all the ball pits, bouncy castle, and everything, and I mean everything. And the vampires stayed outside (because of the lights and everything). Once they were done, they went back inside to turn off the lights so the vampire could come back in. They found that everything was back inside. There were extra lights and the balls had lights and it was bright and annoying. The process went on and on until there was a stroke of genius. Alexis made a fire out of some twigs she found. She went inside and grabbed everything (with the help of the monsters). She put it all in the fire. They went inside and they saw everything was back in place. Dun dun dun.

Chapter 2 – The Helpful Traitor

The monsters and Alexis went to a traitor. A good traitor (he was against Tickles). He supplied them with the dark space the monsters need to live. He told them about a storage room where Tickles stored all of his “fun” (not fun for the monsters, though). They snuck and snuck and snuck to the storage room and they raided it. They also had to get sticks to get more wood for the fire. They came back outside. It took a while (lots of sneaking, which is a lot harder with sticks). They found their way back outside and lit a fire. They put everything “fun” into it. It burned everything to the ground. The monsters were very pleased, so was Alexis. Paws was going back to his home when Alexis came over. She asked where he was going. “Back to my house,” he answered. Alexis asked him if he wanted to come home with her.

“Of course I would,” he said.

Chapter 3 – The Happy Ending

Paws and Alexis had lots of fun together. (Her parents liked him too). The monsters became trusted members of society, and they got their haunted house back. They got a lot more visitors. Everyone was happy except for Tickles. He had gone to jail because he had stolen the haunted house from the monsters. Alexis became quite popular and, since her friends had gone trick or treating, they got some candy for her. She sent a little of it to the monsters, too. They sent her a letter to say thank you.

The letter said:

Dear Alexis,

Thank you very much for the candy. We are very grateful (the children most of all). We also would like to thank you for helping us rid our home of Tickles. We would like you to visit us more often.

From The Monsters

Alexis would enjoy coming over and was sure to go back. She wrote a letter to the monsters saying she’d come back soon.