Cressy Lakeside featured in Kingston Whig-Standard

WayneGradyWriter and Kingston Whig-Standard columnist Wayne Grady’s recent interview with David Carpenter and Peter Blendell shines a light on Cressy Lakeside Books, the recent publications, and what’s to come…

“We’re trying to create an imprint with some cache to it,” says David. “The quality of the writing is most important. It doesn’t matter what the genre, as long as it takes place in the County.”

Wayne Grady is one of 12 Kingston writers appearing at this year’s Kingston WritersFest. In discussing The County Murders, Grady says, “David’s wicked humour places The County Murders more in the Stephen Leacock school. Just as Leacock’s town of Orillia (which he calls Mariposa) emerges as the true hero of the novels, so in The County Murders it’s the County and Saybrook with which we fall in love as we read.”

Read the full article here.

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