In Like A Lion

Laurie Scott’s debut novel…In Like A Lion Cover

Lily Mulally has been imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit – the murder of former NHL star, Brent Baines. When March roars in with a vicious winter storm, the van transporting her from a hospital to the prison collides with a dump truck, offering her a chance to escape. Lily makes her way through the raging blizzard and, after hours of travelling on foot, finds unexpected support when she is discovered by a sympathetic pair of women: an eccentric widow and her granddaughter. With their help, Lily eludes the authorities while attempting to unravel the truth about Brent’s murder and clear her name. She must also deal with the fallout from a secret she can no longer keep. The discoveries she makes lead to startling revelations, and as winter melts away and the truth emerges, she finds herself on thin ice.

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