Peter Blendell author interview with PEC Library

logo-library-1B-2015This week, Peter Blendell answered Liz Zylstra at the Prince Edward County Library & Archives in an interview with local authors about what they’re writing, reading and their recommendations.

PECLibrary: What are you reading?

PB: I’m reading ‘Polar Vortex’, by Shani Mootoo, as well as the manuscripts for some upcoming books by Cressy Lakeside Books authors. ‘The Sevens’ is the working title of a project by Shelagh Mathers. Crown Attorney Augie de Graaf is back in action, and there is lots of action as she investigates a murder at a lab, here in the county. ‘A Murder of Crowes’, bu Laurie Scott, also features the return of a popular character. Lily Mullaly ( the wrongly convicted writer from ‘In Like A Lion’) becomes involved in the job of exposing a tangled family history. Both great characters and Cressy looks forward to releasing these titles, hopefully later this year.

PEC Library: What are your working on?

PB: I’ve just finished my latest project, ’Three Novellas’, and am slowly getting the next novel off the ground. Stay tuned.

PECLibrary: What are you recommending?

PB: I recommend ’The Lake Pirates’, by J.D. Carpenter. It also involves the return of a popular character — newspaperman Joe Horn — and tells the story of Joe’s working visit to an island (in the County) and his suspicions that a murder took place there in the past. Great read — it will be released by Cressy sometime in May.

County Writers: Peter Blendell

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