Little Free Library in Prince Edward County

Cressy Lakeside Books and the Prince Edward County Library system have joined forces to install a ‘little library’ at the Milford branch of the PEC library. Our shared goal is to promote reading and to make the enjoyment of books easy and convenient for visitors and County residents alike.

The little library is open 24-7, and everybody is welcome to avail themselves of its contents. The books are free, and don’t need to be returned. You don’t need a library card – but we do encourage people to show their support and get a library card with the Prince Edward County Library system. There’s no charge, and it allows you to take advantage of all the books, periodicals, and DVD’s the library offers.

We’ll be adding a second library at the Ameliasburgh branch later this summer. These two are a pilot project: we hope to expand it next year, based on comments we get about how to improve the idea.

If you have books that you’d like to donate books to this project, please give them to PEC Library staff. They’ll store them and restock the libraries as needed.


New releases from Laurie Scott & J.D. Carpenter

Stay tuned and watch for copies of Laurie Scott’s Murder of Crowes this October. This novel is the sequel In Like a Lion, following writer Lily Mullaly to the Adirondacks where she uncovers a series of mysterious deaths and family secrets in the Crowe family.

This is the second sequel released from Cressy Lakeside Books. Also released this year is J.D. Carpenter’s Lake Pirates in which Joe Horn’s seemingly bucolic house sitting gig on Little Hat Island takes an unexpected turn and the reporter must delve into an unsolved murder, risking his own life.

Prince Edward County Young Authors Writing Contest


Writers 25 and under invited to submit a previously unpublished piece of writing (500 – 3000 words).

Prince Edward County residents only.

No limitation on style, format, or subject matter.

Email submissions to with the subject line “Writing contest”. Be sure to include your name, age,  and contact information.   Submissions can be PDF or Word document. If you need help formatting your document please contact

$250 prize awarded by Cressy Lakeside Books. The winning piece will be posted on the Cressy Lakeside Books website.

Submission deadline : Saturday, October 10 2020. Prize will be awarded during Ontario Public Library Week, 2020 (October 18 – 24)

Peter Blendell author interview with PEC Library

logo-library-1B-2015This week, Peter Blendell answered Liz Zylstra at the Prince Edward County Library & Archives in an interview with local authors about what they’re writing, reading and their recommendations.

PECLibrary: What are you reading?

PB: I’m reading ‘Polar Vortex’, by Shani Mootoo, as well as the manuscripts for some upcoming books by Cressy Lakeside Books authors. ‘The Sevens’ is the working title of a project by Shelagh Mathers. Crown Attorney Augie de Graaf is back in action, and there is lots of action as she investigates a murder at a lab, here in the county. ‘A Murder of Crowes’, bu Laurie Scott, also features the return of a popular character. Lily Mullaly ( the wrongly convicted writer from ‘In Like A Lion’) becomes involved in the job of exposing a tangled family history. Both great characters and Cressy looks forward to releasing these titles, hopefully later this year.

PEC Library: What are your working on?

PB: I’ve just finished my latest project, ’Three Novellas’, and am slowly getting the next novel off the ground. Stay tuned.

PECLibrary: What are you recommending?

PB: I recommend ’The Lake Pirates’, by J.D. Carpenter. It also involves the return of a popular character — newspaperman Joe Horn — and tells the story of Joe’s working visit to an island (in the County) and his suspicions that a murder took place there in the past. Great read — it will be released by Cressy sometime in May.

County Writers: Peter Blendell

Laurie Scott to release debut novel

In Like A Lion Cover

Cressy Lakeside Books is pleased to announce Laurie Scott’s debut novel, In Like a Lion, will be released later this year. In Like a Lion is an action-packed drama about an innocent woman fighting storms of deceit, both inside and out of her control.

Lily Mulally has been imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit – the murder of former NHL star, Brent Baines. When March roars in with a vicious winter storm, the van transporting her from a hospital to the prison in Kitchener, Ontario collides with a dump truck, offering her a chance to escape. Lily manages to make her way through the raging blizzard and, after hours of travelling on foot, find shelter. Unexpected support arrives when she is discovered by a sympathetic pair of women: an eccentric widow and her granddaughter. With the help of her family and allies, Lily eludes the authorities while attempting to unravel the truth about Brent’s murder and clear her name. She must also deal with the fallout from a secret she can no longer keep. The discoveries she makes lead to startling revelations, but as winter melts away and the truth emerges, she finds herself on thin ice.

Stay tuned to find about about the release date for this new CLB publication!


Short Story contest now closed!

Thank you in stacked booksCressy Lakeside Books want to thank the many authors from around Prince Edward County who submitted their work for the Short Story contest! We look forward to reading all the manuscripts and will announce the successful authors early in 2018. Stay tuned for more updates and news about this exciting project!

Upcoming workshop at Baxter Arts Centre

Join J.D. (David) Carpenter Thursday, October 12, 2017 to learn more about “Then & Now–Publishing options for today’s writer”.

Until the turn of the century, writers chose either commercial publishing or self-publishing but in 2017 exciting and viable options are available, including co-op publishing, zines, blogging, and social media. This class will provide insight into these alternatives, but will focus on which form of publishing is right for you, how to prepare a manuscript, what to include in your submission, where to submit, whether or not to seek out an agent, and how to distribute and market your own work. 

Register by October 1, 2017